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Transforming E-Vehicles Rent with Technology

As e-vehicle rental services, we're always committed to the latest innovations and implementing them into our services. Everything's driven by our core principles, which include sustainability, user experiences, and collaboration.


Internet of Things (IoT) for NoaBike

IoT is a thing today, and we believe it's also applicable to us—a lot. We incorporate IoT for our battery swapping and charging efficiency—which enables you to swap batteries seamlessly and optimize the charging schedules.

noa sustainability rent


API Integration for NoaBike

As we're working with our partners, we want to make our rental services easier—and that's only by integrating API with our third-party rental companies.

noa sustainability rent

Let's Make Sustainable Transportation More Accessible!

Be our partner today, and support our movement to create a better environment for all. Scale up your customer base and gain more exposure with us!

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