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Milestone Zero Emission

  • September 2021

    Launched our EV ride-sharing service in Labuan Bajo with a fleet of 60 electric cars. By doing so, we’ve taken part in reducing carbon emissions by up to 75%.

  • July 2022

    Partnered with a local rental business in Bali, managing 70 electric motorcycles with 2 EV charging stations.

  • February 2023

    All geared up, processed around 100 electric motorcycles—with 5 EV charging stations spread all over Bali.


Make Your Move for a Sustainable Environment

For first-timers, taking part in making a sustainable environment could leave you confused. But with NoaBike, you're simply one step ahead as you already promote sustainability in various ways.

When renting our electric vehicles, you produce zero carbon emissions, and they're all powered by renewable energy.

noa sustainability rent
noa sustainability rent


The Future of Micromobility with NoaBike

The future is bright for micro-mobility, and we seize the chance today to provide you with the best options for that.

It drives us to make micro-mobility more accessible and affordable—while also at the same time keep expanding our services across the country and partnering up with governments, organizations, and even enterprises.


20 Partners Have Joined Our Green Movement

Making an effort towards a sustainable ecosystem by ourselves might be difficult. Everything’s easier when someone's got our back—and our partners have played a huge role in it.

noabike partner brand
noabike partner brand
noabike partner brand
noabike partner brand

Let's Make Sustainable Transportation More Accessible!

Be our partner today, and support our movement to create a better environment for all. Scale up your customer base and gain more exposure with us!

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